VIDEO: Nestle | NAN 3

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Nestle | NAN 3

On-Ground Activation Videos
Client: Mashwire

Raising your child is challenging, especially when your spouse may have a different way to go about it. What would you do?

This series of 8 videos were filmed, edited, designed and animated in 5 hours, before being used for Nestle’s on-ground activation during our additional event coverage at a Baby Fair. Visiting parents were invited to Nestle’s booth to watch the videos and see how their opinions differ. One thing they can all agree on is, as parents, we all want the best for our child.

Concept/Scripts – Mashwire
Director – COLORTV; Jared Tay
Producer – Amin Zainotdini
Post – COLORTV; Alan Geoy, Mike Chew
Director Of Photography – Jason Wong & Crew
Production Assistant – Ko Swee Kheng
Casting Manager – Melinda Lim
Makeup – Manisa Tan