VIDEO: The Future Of Us | Transcultural Learning

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The Future Of Us | Transcultural Learning

The Future Of Us Exhibition
Client: Pico Art International

“‘The Future of Us’ exhibition is an immersive and multi-sensory experience that offers a glimpse into the possibilities of how Singaporeans can live, work, play, care and learn in the future. The exhibition will call on Singaporeans to share their hopes and dreams for themselves, their family and the nation, and to participate in steering the Singapore journey towards the future. It is the capstone event to round up Singapore’s SG50 year of celebrations.” –

Here, we visualise immersive classrooms of the future, crossing oceans and borders to bring an exchange that is both cultural and educational.
COLORTV handled the Pre-Production and Casting, Location Production, Studio Production and Post work.

Director – COLORTV; Jared Tay
Executive Producer – COLORTV; Nicholas Chu
Producers- Mike Chew & Amin Zainotdini
Director Of Photography – Christopher Leong & Studio On 3rd Avenue
Sound – Lesh Parekh
Production Assistant – Jessica Tan
Post Production & Motion Design – COLORTV; Alan Geoy & Januario G. Rivas III
Casting Manager – Melinda Lim & Melon Pictures
Stylist/Wardrobe – Shervin Tan
Makeup – Manisa Tan, Brenda Lye & Palettelnc